Heal your reflux, get your life back

Knowing the anatomy can solve the problem.

Giuliana came to me after three years of suffering from acid reflux. She had tried everything: eliminated all kinds of food from her diet, practiced relaxation, tried supplements. Reflux can be caused by an offending food, but this was not the case for Giuliana. Nexium and prolisec helped for a while, but then they stopped working and she began to panic. By the time she saw me, she could only sleep sitting up.   No one had an answer for her. But as is often the case, the anatomy held the key to this mysterious illness. Continue reading

We are the Caretakers of Hope

Hope hands smWhen people are in pain, when people suffer from terrible injuries or disease, the quicksands of despair can pull them under. Too often people can’t imagine ever feeling well again. My job as a physician, and my personal job as the spouse of someone with seemingly endless head injuries, is to create the space for hope.

Hope is a critical ingredient in healing. Without hope our bodies tighten into worse pathology. Our bodies harden into stagnation. Continue reading

Colic is Treatable!

colic treatmentLydia’s parents were frantic with worry and completely exhausted from lack of sleep.  Baby Lydia cried all the time and only slept for 30 minutes at a time. Even though she was hungry, her sucking was so ineffective her mom had trouble nursing her. Her pediatrician dismissed the parents’ concerns, telling them colic was normal and it should  go away in a couple of months. Lydia’s parents didn’t know if they could make it until then! Continue reading

No dents, no injury? The top five myths about car accidents and your health

car crash injuryIt is a myth that you cannot be injured in a car crash if there is no damage to the car.  And that’s just one of the myths that keep patients from taking care of themselves after a car crash and seeking the care they need.  We seem to think that the car is a steel womb protecting us from serious injury. In real life, that view is just wrong. Continue reading